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Creative Writing

Course Introduction:


This course aims to guide students to express their own opinions, discuss writing ideas, guide students to fully discuss the arguments, clarify the logic and order of the article, and modify and refine grammar and sentences on the basis of completing the first draft. . Students will repeatedly practice how to use relevant vocabulary and grammar flexibly and adjust the structure of articles in the actual writing training, so as to comprehensively improve their writing ability.

Suitable for students:

  1. Students in grade 9 and above, students studying in local schools, and students who have maintained an English score of 75+;

  2. Students with ELL level 4 and above, and students with a vocabulary of 5000+; 

  3. Students with a writing score of 6 in IELTS or a writing score of 22 in TOEFL.

Course Contents:

  1. By explaining high-frequency writing vocabulary, long and difficult sentences, and article structure, correcting common grammatical and logical errors in writing, helping students establish writing norms, master necessary writing skills, and lay a solid foundation for future professional writing.

  2. By reading a large number of excellent English texts, students can train their English thinking, improve their reading ability, and gradually establish and consolidate their personalized writing style.

  3. Help students master concepts related to expressing meaning and output language, and provide authentic sample essays to help students accumulate viewpoints in various professional fields, and comprehensively improve students' writing level from four aspects: conception, structure, expansion and rhetoric.

Course features:

  1. Explanation by a famous teacher: Mr. Stan, a university professor whose native language is English, teaches the whole course to help students learn the most authentic English expression and English way of thinking, and completely get rid of the misunderstanding of ambiguity and native language translation.

  2. Small class teaching: In order to ensure the quality of teaching, each class recruits 3-5 students to ensure that each student can receive the comprehensive attention of the gold medal lecturer and meet the individual needs of each student as much as possible.

  3. With an exclusive team of curriculum development experts and a large team of teachers, it focuses on stimulating students' potential and effectively improving student performance.

Course Scale and Time Arrangement:

There are 6 students in the small class (3 students start the class), and there are Saturday classes and Sunday classes, each class is 2 hours, a total of 30 class hours.

Course time (except national holidays):

Junior Class (Grade 6-8): Friday 4-6

Intermediate Class (Grade 8-10): Saturday 10-12

                                                             Sunday 10-12

Senior Class (Grade 11-12): Saturday 12:30-2:30

                                                  Sat 3-5

Regular class: Monday~Friday 4-6

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