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According to the English curriculum system for grades 8-12 in BC Province, SSAT and SAT proposition rules, select and design a list of famous books suitable for students, and intensively explain classic English and American literature from the aspects of vocabulary, semantics, syntax and rhetorical methods, broaden students' horizons, Cultivate reading ability, stimulate students' interest in reading, improve students' reading efficiency, absorb the spiritual nutrients of famous works, and ensure that students can comprehensively improve their literary reading ability in a short period of time.

Applicable students:

  1. Students who are in grades 8-12, ELL level 2, and have a vocabulary of 3000+;

  2. Students with a score of 5.5 in IELTS or 65 in TOEFL; 

  3. Students who are preparing for the SAT and need to improve their vocabulary and reading skills. 

Course content and objectives:


  1. Through an in-depth understanding of specific literary contexts and scenes, the meaning of unfamiliar words is inferred by the method of synonymous antonyms and root affixes, and consolidated through the combination of lectures and specific tests.

  2. Help students further improve their vocabulary to 6000+.


  1. Taking chapters as the starting point, promote students' in-depth reading of masterpieces, increase students' reading volume, and expand their literary horizons.

  2. Combined with the reading of wonderful chapters, targeted explanations of literary rhetoric and literary analysis will improve students' ability to appreciate English and American literary masterpieces.

  3. In-depth analysis of specific long and difficult sentences in the story, while teaching reading skills such as how to summarize the meaning of the paragraph.


  1. Combined with writing or performance, students' language expression ability and writing ability can be effectively improved.

Course features: 

The course focuses on reading the highlights of famous works, supplemented by appreciating related works (such as audio and video clips, etc.), through reading, lectures, discussions, performances, readings, appreciation and other forms to help students understand the essence of classic works The main artistic features, flexible basic knowledge of English subjects, improve the ability of literary appreciation and analysis, improve students' teamwork, creative thinking and communication skills in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, enhance students' interest in and perception of British and American literature and culture, and improve students' humanities The purpose of self-cultivation. 

Course Bibliography:

Intermediate (Grade 8-9): "A Midsummer Night's Dream", "Romeo and Juliet", "Animal Farm";

Advanced (Grade 10-12): The Great Gatsby, Jane Eyre, 1984.

※For students under the 8th grade, there is also a high-quality reading course. The books include "The Old Man and the Sea", "Robinson Crusoe", "Alice in Wonderland", "Gref's Travels", please consult the consultant teacher for details.

Take The Great Gatsby for example:

Course Progress

Course Contents

the first lesson

Plot overview, basic character introductions 

second class

Explanation of the novel's themes, symbols, writing style and tone 

Classes 3 to 12

Intensive reading of a chapter of the original work in each class

Lesson Thirteen

Summarize the theme, genre and writing characteristics of the novel 

Lesson Fourteen

An in-depth introduction to the social background of the novel, explaining the modernism and realism embodied in the novel, as well as the values ​​of love and marriage and the important foreshadowing in the novel 

Lesson 15

Explain how to write literary analysis and related a+ model essay analysis

Class opening rules:

Small class teaching of 3-6 people, with daily classes and weekend classes. Each class is 2 hours, a total of 30 class hours.


Course time (except national holidays):

Junior Class (Grade 6-8): Friday 4-6

Intermediate Class (Grade 8-10): Saturday 10-12

                                      Sunday 10-12

Senior Class (Grade 11-12): Saturday 12:30-2:30

                                       Sat 3-5

Regular class: Monday~Friday 4-6

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