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Services at a Glance

University application planning

University application is a work that needs to be planned and implemented several years in advance. Students not only need academic improvement guidance but also planning guidance for extracurricular activities. The so-called ten years of sharpening a sword means that only by continuously completing every step of improvement can we achieve success.

The university application planning experts will become your child's exclusive academic tutor and help your child set goals based on personal characteristics. Not only will we formulate long-term academic and background improvement plans on an annual basis, but we will also carefully guide students to practice every step of the arrangement.

After a comprehensive analysis of the student's choices, school application goals, and other related personal needs, we set up a personalised plan for students. On the premise of fully understanding students' university application needs, with the main goal of improving the admission rate of students, guide students to understand the specific application requirements and professional settings of universities in the United States, Britain, and Canada.

During the university application process, according to the students' established goals to apply for schools, guide, revise, and advise students to prepare various necessary application materials; such as personal statements, essays, resumes, recommendation letters, etc.

High School application service

Canadian high school application service, combined with education planning and student needs, provides guidance and application services for public and private schools in Canada.

Applying to a private school is not simply filling in the application form and submitting materials, but it requires the efforts and preparations of the entire applicant's family. There is no overnight success, but it needs to be based on long-term and short-term planning after setting goals and continuous accumulation to achieve success.

The private school application planning experts of Mingde College will be your family's personal application manager, help your family make a clear plan, from the optimization of application materials to the guidance of extra points activities, so that your family can apply in the highly competitive private school In, stand out!

Tutoring service

According to different grades and different stages, extracurricular tutoring is arranged according to needs, so as to comprehensively improve students' learning ability and competitiveness in various subjects.

Extra-curriculum activities

Take students to participate in Canadian sports and extracurricular entertainment activities in a timely manner to help them integrate into Canadian life and expand their foreign circle of friends.

Visa application service

The expert team follows up on your study visa (big visa), VISA visa (small visa) applications, and US visa tracking service.

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